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CGATE Platform

Open, standards-based, modular, extensible platform
CGATE Platform is the ideal foundation for your Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) and Text to Speech (TTS) applications. The platform is fully VoiceXML compliant, runs seamlessly in PSTN and VoIP-capable networks, and incorporates best-in-class speech recognition and TTS capabilities.

CGATE features a comprehensive suite of mature, industry-tested modules for media, ASR, TTS, fax, and operations, administration, and maintenance (OA&M). The highly scalable platform has been proven in more than 50,000 ports worldwide, including enterprise, service provider, and network carrier customers.

Designed for modular and extensible telephony voice user interface applications, CGATE Platform includes more than 100 custom properties and service extensions. Web developers can economically leverage existing web-based technologies and infrastructure to rapidly build, customize, and deploy voice-enabled solutions.

In addition, CGATE is easy to install on current infrastructure and legacy systems, and deployment is further simplified through high performance on general-purpose computers. For a technical overview of the CGATE Platform click here.

CGATE Telecom/Media Server
The CGATE Telecom/Media Server Server offers carrier-grade performance for next generation and IMS networks. Telecom/Media Server uses industry-leading VoiceXML and Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) technology. The module has a high-density, compact footprint allowing 240 sessions on one RU box, load balancing, as well as integrated Media Resource Control Protocol (MRCP) speech support for vendor technologies from Nuance, Loquendo, Microsoft, and AT&T.

Aumtech VXML Browser
CGATE with VoiceXML Browser is a complete solution for advanced customer interaction applications.
Aumtech VXML Browser extensions offer
  • Call control with immediate and scheduled outbound calls
  • Answer-on-demand and reject answer
  • Script-controlled logging
  • SNMP alert generation
  • Transaction-based CDR generation
  • Script-controlled SR/TTS, DTMF parameter manipulation
  • Inbound, outbound, receive-on-demand, and scheduled fax control
  • Cisco AVVID Call Manager

arcFlash Web Interface
CGATE Platform provides centralized administrative access to reporting, statistics, provisioning, alarms and other operational interfaces through a common web interface called arcFlash. arcFlash offers graphical access to configuration and scheduling control files and reports. An administrative hierarchy allows the creation of user and group ownership of processes, adding an extra layer of security to the platform