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Agent-Assisted IVR
The Agent-Assisted IVR enables you to maximize the performance of automated self-service by seamlessly bridging an agent into an automated session when the application encounters a problem. Instead of callers becoming quickly frustrated by speech recognition errors or traditional highly-structured menu options and interaction and transferring out to speak directly to a agent, Agent-Assisted IVR allows a control agent to quickly assess the situation and direct the automated service process to meet the callers needs. The control agent can update information, direct the IVR application or initiate dialog with the caller via recorded phrases and dynamically generated text-to-speech, without the caller being aware that an agent is involved. The agent can then return the session to a fully automated state.

Agent-Assisted IVR adds elegant error handling, process uniformity, a consistent caller interface and greatly increases ease of use of traditional self-service applications. Agent-Assisted IVR creates a "smart self-care" environment that improves call completions rates, allows for more effective agent segmentation, reduces costs and improves customer satisfaction. For an overview of Agent Assisted IVR, click here