CGATE Platform
     CGATE Telecom/Media Server
     Aumtech VXML Browser
     arcFlash Web Interface
MRCP Connector for MSS

ESS Application Suite
     Visual IVR
     Agent-Assisted IVR
     Automated Web Agent
     Aumtech Interactive Messaging      Services (AIMS)

Industry Solutions
Standards-based, scalable, proven

Aumtech Product Portfolio is based on the CGATE Platform foundation. The CGATE Platform is based on open and extensible technologies and complies with the latest open and industry standards. The core components of the CGATE Platform include the CGATE Telecom/Media Server, the Aumtech VXML Browser, and Operations, Administrative and Management (OAM) tools.

The CGATE Platform core technologies are complemented by set of ESS Applications and Industry Solutions to provide complete business solutions for IMS, VoIP, and IVR requirements.

The rich set of core technologies and applications is further supplemented with rich set of Services such custom development, hosted solutions, and standard and extended support services.