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Professional Services

Leveraging Aumtech's expertise and service model options
Aumtech's professional services provide you with options that minimize capital outlays, shorten development and deployment timeframes, and reduce cost of ownership.

Application and Development Services help you leverage our expertise and best-of-breed technologies and partnerships for custom voice-enabled solutions that hit the mark. Our services help you minimize in-house development costs and focus internal resources on your core competencies.

Aumtech also offers products on the Application Service Provider (ASP) model, including Voice ASP hosting services. With services hosted by Aumtech and provided over the Internet on a pay-per-use or yearly license basis, you can speed deployment while reducing capital outlays.

Additionally,Managed Services are available for customer-hosted systems. With Managed Services, you can outsource management of your application-supporting infrastructure to Aumtech, ensuring optimum performance.